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Serving San Diego, North County, Escondido, San Marcos, Vista, Carlsbad, Oceanside, Encinitas, Del Mar, Carmel Valley, Penasquitos, Del Sur, Rancho Santa Fe, Fairbanks Ranch, Rancho Bernardo, Poway. Whether you call them Inflatable Jumpers, Bounce Houses, Moon Bounce, or Inflatable Jumpers, North County Jumpers is here to serve your needs. We have been serving residents of North County since 2008. We also have a wide array of family entertainment such as inflatable slides, obstacle courses, bungee run, sumo suit rentals, wrecking ball, velcro walls, carnvial entertainment, cotton candy machines, popcorn machines, sno cone machines, hot dog steamers. Call us today at 760-440-5150

Carnival booth rentals.                                                         Price: $99.00

                                                                                          Special:  $89.00 ea.

Standard 8’ x 8’ frame with back drop, side rails.

                                    Each booth can handle up to (2) carnival games.

                                    Rent one for games and another for cotton candy,

                                    popcorn, sno kones, hot dogs, etc...




                                                    (Staffing is not included)

Carnival booth rentals are great for any party or event.

Booths are a standard 8’ x 8’ and come with front chain and side rails.

Booths can handle up to 2 games per unit.

Choose one booth for games and another for concessions like cotton candy, sno kone, popcorn, hot dogs, etc...

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Spin art machine.

Choose from cards and frames for $1.00 ea

or puzzle cards for $1.50 ea

Spin art puzzles    $1.50 ea

Roller Bowler Game.

Roll the ball over the hump without it rolling back. Not as easy as it seems. Great fun.

Spin art Machine

Carnival Game Rentals

North County Jumpers now offers carnival tents and games for your event. Great for any party, school or church event, Company picnic, team building event, day care parties, even back yard birthday parties.

Crazy Driver Game

Try to drive the ball from one end to the other without falling off the sides or through the holes.

3 different levels to choose from.

Rental Price:     $49.00

Bottle Ring Toss Game

Toss a ring and try to keep it on the bottle without bouncing off.

Krazy Kans Game

5 cans... 3 flukey balls. Try to knock all the kans off the table with the flukey balls.

Rental Price:     $49.00

Rental Price:     $39.00

Rental Price:     $39.00

Rental Price:     $65.00

Leaping Lizards Game

Smack the launch pad and watch these lizards soar! Land them on the pad and you win!

Rental Price:     $49.00

Tic Tac Toe Game

Get all three colored bean bags to line up in a row and you win!

Rental Price:     $39.00

Alien Pinball Game

Pull back and let it go... watch the balls go into space... balls land in colored slots.

Rental Price:     $59.00

Monster Blast Game

Knock down the monsters with the nerf dart gun. Shoots soft nerf darts. Includes lazer sight!

Rental Price:     $59.00

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Hooley Ball Toss Game

Player 1 and Player 2 throw balls into the holes which end up on your opponents side. Whoever is out of balls first, wins.

Rental Price:     $125.00

Pass it on Game

Player 1 and Player move a floating ball from cone to cone. Whoever get it to the end first, wins.

Rental Price:     $125.00

Air blower required

Air blower required