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Coming in 2019

We bring laser tag to you!!!

Looking for a unique activity for your next event? Look no further. Have a laser tag party. If you have the space, we can set up bunkers and begin the mission. We can set up during the day or at night. Indoors or outdoors.

Private Parties / School Events

Church Events / Corporate Events

One call does it all. Call us today to make a reservation. Mobile Laser Tag is the hottest new activity for any event. Kids and adults can play on a battle field of fun. Target your opponent and fire away. Realistic Laser Tag system. Realistic sounds. Top of the line equipment.









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Kids love Mobile Laser Tag Rentals in San Diego, North County Moble Laser Tag is fun for all events, Having a party in San Marcos, Ca? Try renting a Mobile Laser Tag system for your Laser Tag event. Escondido Laser Tag is fun, Carlsbad Laser Tag is great for schools events. Mobile Laser Tag Rentals for Schools in San Diego, we are here for you and your event. Children have fun and play with laser tag. Run around and shoot your friends with laser tag. Our Laser Tag system is realistic. San Diego Laser Tag has real life sounds and the laser tag gun looks very realistic. North County Jumpers and Mobile Laser Tag will give you the best service and the highest quality laser tag and jumper rentals.

Lazer Tag Equipment

Razorback battle Rifle

The Game Box is one of the latest innovations. The Game Box features the look and feel of a military battlefield that our operators love and includes a variety of battlefield props and brand new game modes.

Game Box


  1. Infection/Zombies 

  2. Search & Destroy 

  3. Capture the Flag 

  4. Advance Respawn Box 

  5. Proximity Mine

Domination Box

Respawn / Medic Box

  1. Allows gamers to come back to life after being killed.

Top of the line fully composite Laser Tagger system with real red dot scope. Real life sounds. The Razorback rifle is the best laser tagger in the industry hands down. Other companies use paintball guns converted with a cheap laser unit on the top. This unit was designed from the ground up. Specifically enginerred for laser tag.



  1. -8 laser taggers

  2. -2 teams 4/4

  3. -8 barriers

  4. -2 medic boxes

  5. -2 game boxes

  6. -onsite game host

  7. -90 minutes of game


  1. -10 laser taggers

  2. -2 teams 5/5

  3. -10 barriers

  4. -2 medic boxes

  5. -2 game boxes

  6. -onsite game host

  7. -90 minutes of game


  1. -12 laser taggers

  2. -2 teams 6/6

  3. -12 barriers

  4. -2 medic boxes

  5. -2 game boxes

  6. -onsite game host

  7. -90 minutes of game

San Diego

Mobile Laser tag

Mobile laser tag

Additional services

  1. -Additional 30 minutes-----------------------------

  2. -additional laser tagger--------------------------

  3. -additional bunkers (6 pk)------------------------

  1. -inflatable tank------------------------------------

  2. -Event insurance------------------------------------