Policies and Faq’s

Information about renting inflatables... jumpers... etc...

Access to your property

Our drivers use trucks and trailers to deliver the equipment. Please let us know if there are any issues being able to drive into your driveway with our trailer. IF YOUR DRIVEWAY IS LONG AND NARROW AND WE HAVE TO BACK UP A LONG DISTANCE INTO YOUR DRIVEWAY TO REACH YOUR RESIDENCE, WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THAT... (BEFORE WE ARRIVE). Inflatables are delivered using dollies or “hand trucks”. For this reason we can not take them up or down flights of stairs. If you book an order and it is undeliverable according to our policies this would be considered a cancellation. Please read below for our policies.


Space Needed

A: We need at least 2-3 feet around the jumper for safety, set up and removal. The size

of the jumpers are listed. Jumpers come in Small (11‘x11’), Medium (13‘x13’), Large (15‘x15’).  As an example, a Large jumper (15‘x15’) will need a clean and clear area of 20‘x20’.

Small Jumper :       11x11 we need a minimum clear space of 15 ft x 15 ft

Medium Jumper:    13x13 we need a minimum clear space of 18 ft x 18 ft

Large Jumper:        15x15 we need a minimum clear space of 20 ft x 20 ft.

Combo Jumper:      16x20 we need a minimum clear space of 25 ft x 22 ft.


We are insured. If you are a business or organization and wish to be listed as an additional insured on our insurance policy, there is a fee of $50. Due to the high cost for insurance, a $10 fee will be applied for parks requiring special insurance.


A credit card is required for all reservations. A deposit may be required to reserve the equipment you are requesting. You can submit and order here online by clicking “Order Now” at the top right or call us. Deposits are not refundable. When customers reserve equipment from us, we put that on hold and turn away other customers. If customers make a reservation

Length of time for rentals

For residential parties, rental period is up to 6 hours however we must pick up by sunset. 

For park rentals - rental period is up to 5 hours or 30 min BEFORE sunset.

Delivery Time

Your delivery could be anytime starting from as early as 8 am up to one our before your event. If we get there early, this does not take away from your actual rental time. Your rentals will be up and ready by the start time on your contract.

Delivery time for PARK CUSTOMERS

For park customers we need to know what time your parts “Starts”. We will deliver the jumper 30-45 minutes before your designated “start time”.  For example, if you tell us your party starts at 11am, we will deliver and set up the jumper at about 10:15 - 10:30 am.

*Pick up - We will pick up within 30 minutes of your “end time” of your party. So if you say your party will end at 4pm, our driver will be there sometime between 4 and 4:30 to pick up.

Pick Up Time:

Pick up time will be on or any time after the “End Time” stated on your rental agreement, what ever is convient for the delivery driver unless discussed at time of reservation.


As in any service related industry, tips are very much appreciated by our workers.

Surface for setting up.

We set up on grass, concrete, asphalt, brick pavers, wood decks.

We do not set up on dirt, a mix of dirt and weeds, rocks, sand, bark chips, etc... Grass is defined as an irrigated lawn that is watered, and mowed. Questionable areas - you may take a picture and send to us to let us see.


Our company provides safe and clean jumpers.  All of the jumpers have steps on the entrance and safety instructions are printed on the outside.  We clean our jumpers after each use with Simple Green. If it was rented the day before, we clean it up on the site prior to use. The reason we don’t set up in dirt and weeds is so that we have clean and safe jumpers. We take pride in our equipment and keeping them clean is essential.

Book ahead of time.

We recommend booking a few weeks ahead. We’ve been in business over 10 years and have a lot of repeat customers who book several weeks in advance.

Holiday rentals / Peak Rental Days

Pricing may be different on holidays. We pay our workers more for holidays, so we do not offer discounts on major holidays, or peak rental days.

Number of kids using Jumpers/Inflatables

SUPERVISION IS REQUIRED AT ALL TIMES while your guests use the jumper, particularly small children. 

Compatible size and weight riders only. Can not mix small kids and full size adults.

11x11 Jumper - 6 kids or 600 lbs

13x13 Jumper - 8 kids or 800 lbs

15x15 Jumper - 10 kids or 1000 lbs

Combo Jumper - 12 kids or 1200 lbs

Safety instructions are printed on each inflatable. Customers are responsible to read all safety instructions and provide appropriate supervision following all rules.

Our Policies

Safety is of utmost importance for us. With that in mind, North County Jumpers and any of our representatives reserves the right to cancel any reservation, or not set up our equipment when,in our opinion, our customers safety or our workers or equipments’safety is in question.

Delivery Policy

Our jumpers weigh between 200 and 350 lbs. Keeping that in mind, delivering some equipment can be challenging. You are responsible to clear a path to the set up area. Our jumpers can be up to 5 feet tall and 36 inches (3 ft.) in width. If we are going through a gate to your backyard, please make sure there is enough clearance through the gate and clear away any obstacles that may get in the way which include trash cans, boxes, etc.


We have a “NO STAIRS POLICY”. This means we DO NOT go up / down stairs with this equipment. You must consider this when making your reservation. If we arrive and find the equipment can not be “delivered” and set up due to accessibility issues such as, stairs, obstacles, small gate etc... we consider this as a cancellation and you (the customer) will be responsible to pay 100% of the reservation.

Access to your property  / (DRIVEWAY ISSUES) - Our drivers use trucks and trailers to deliver the equipment. Please let us know if there are any issues with our drivers being able to drive into your driveway with our trailer. EG. IF YOUR DRIVEWAY IS LONG AND NARROW AND WE HAVE TO BACK UP A LONG DISTANCE INTO YOUR DRIVEWAY TO REACH YOUR RESIDENCE, WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THAT BEFORE WE ARRIVE. The easier you make it for us, the better. Again, keep in mind, if we can’t deliver this equipment - this falls under our cancellation policy.

Deposit Policy

Deposits are required for all events, ie. school events, church events, business / corporate parties, and private parties. We make a commitment to our customers to hold dates, and times, and equipment for your event. Deposits are not refundable.

Reservation Policy / Cancellation Policy

A credit card is required for all orders. A deposit may also be required to hold the items for your event. Deposits are not refundable. Cancelling inflatables or rental items quoted after deposit has been made WILL result in a fee. When we reserve items for a party, the item is removed from our available list and we pass up on other renters. If you have any questions, please ask.

Cancellation 14 days or more prior to your event - there will be no further charge.

Cancellation 8-13 days prior to your event - customer will be charged 50% of the order.

Cancellation 7 days or less - customer will be charged 100% of the order.

Any fees charged will be able to be applied to another reservation within 30 days of your orginal party date.

Rain Cancellation Policy

We do not cancel reservations unless we determine it will be unsafe for the kids or our equipment. We will usually wait until the night before or the morning of to cancel. If we cancel your event, you will be refunded any deposit taken at time of reservation. We deliver many jobs indoors and outdoors. If customers want to cancel a reservation, please refer to our cancellation policy.

Payment Policy

For residential parties or parties at parks, we accept cash only at time of delivery. For businesses, churches, and other organizations, other forms of payment can be arranged with advance notice. We DO NOT accept personal checks. Any credit card transaction will incur a transaction fee.

Release of Liability / Hold Harmless

Lessor is NOT responsible for injuries occurring to Lessee or to any persons using the leased property, and the Lessee further agrees to hold North County Jumpers free and harmless against any injury claims or property damage. By accepting these terms you indicate agreement with all the provisions in this lease and acknowledge that you will read, review, and follow all of the General rules posted on the rented equipment for Safe Operation.

Acknowledgement and acceptance of risk

There are inherent risks in the participation in or use of any amusement, recreational activity, ride, device, and attraction, including but not limited to inflatable jumpers, inflatable slides, inflatable obstacle courses, joust, bungee run, velcro wall, human hamster balls, sumo suits, bouncy boxing, etc...

It is impossible to eliminate all risks even when following all reasonable safety guidelines and precautions. By participating, you, the customer, patron, or guardian understand these inherent risks and by participation which includes rental and use of rented items, you agree and understand there may be injuries, which could be small, severe or even fatal. North County Jumpers is NOT liable for any injuries that may occur from use or participation in or around our inflatable jumpers, rides, and or equipment. Attendees play at their own risk. Supervision is required at ALL TIMES.

Thank You

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