Do you need a generator?

If your party is at your house, you will “Not” need to rent a generator. We will plug our fan into your electrical outlet at your house. We have our own extension cords if needed.

If your party is at a park. You will most likely need to rent a generator. The generator provides electricity for the fan to blow up the jumper. You will need to use our generators for our insurance to cover you at the park.

*** For just one bounce house only, you will need a small generator for $50.00.

***If you are renting multiple inflatables, or a jumper with a popcorn machine or cotton candy machine where we need multiple electrical needs... this will require a larger generator.

These generators rent for $65.00.

5,000 watt generator

provides electricity for “multiple” devices, ie 2 inflatables, or one jumper with a popcorn machine. etc...


Information for park rentals

If you are having a party at a park and you’d like to rent a bounce house, or any inflatable, here are a few important things to know.

  1. 1.    You (the customer) need to contact the city park & recreation dept. to make a RESERVATION for your party. You also need to tell them you are renting a jumper (or bounce house), so they can give you the proper PERMIT or RESERVATION that allows us to set up in the park.   It’s the customers responsibility to do this, not ours. Parks in Oceanside don’t require permits or reservations, they are first come first serve. We are licensed and insured to set up in all parks, but YOU need to contact the city park and rec dept. to make any necessary reservations with them.

  1. 2.    You’ll most likely need to rent a generator to provide power to our air blower. The air blower blows the jumper up with air and is powered by electricity. Most parks do not supply power for us to plug into. Generators do not come standard with the pricing of a jumper rental. Generators rent at an additional cost. See below.

  1. 3.    If you have any questions regarding a park rental, please ask us. If you assume we are going to do something a certain way, please don’t assume, just ask to make sure.

4,000 watt generator

provides electricity for “one” device, ie  1 Jumper.


Bounce House

Air Fan / “Blower”

blows air into the jumper


provides electricity to blower

Jumper & Blower

Thank you