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Rain / Weather Policy

In the event of “Stormy weather” conditions a customer may cancel a reservation within 7 days with no charge. Stormy weather conditions are defined as strong winds, rain, lightning and/or thunder.

We do not cancel reservations until the last minute because most of the time the weather forecast is inaccurate.

To cancel a reservation with regard to this policy, the future weather forecast must show a 80% or higher chance of rain in the forecast for that day. If a customer cancels due to rain and the forecast does not show a 80% chance or higher, the deposit will not be refunded. There are occassions where we will deliver and set up even if the forecast indicates rain sprinkles or intermittent showers, but this decision is ours to make. Once you make a reservation with us we put a hold on that item and turn away other customers. We use  as our main source for accurate weather predictions. Any deposits NOT refunded will be put towards a new reservation within 30 days of the original date. We do reserve the right to cancel your order should weather conditions become unsafe for the equipment and/or it’s participants.

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